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a new type of seduction

A mindfully seductive brand

seduxLab is a new web-based startup focused on creating intimate connections for couples. We designed an intriguing brand guide to take on a traditionally sexualized adult industry and bring intimacy and connection to the forefront of this adult dating website.


Intimate and suggestive

seduxLab needed a brand that encompassed the free-loving nature of their lifestyle while staying true to its intimate history. We incorporated the emergence of the swinging 60s with a modern and bold font to create the seduxLab logo.


The seduxLab brand required a set of graphics and images that were playful yet sophisticated and appeal to a diverse audience.

A niche audience

The seduxLab brand required a voice and presence dedicated to creating an inclusive community for a niche audience. We worked with the founders to create a company voice that's knowledgeable yet playful. You'll find the hit of 60's energy throughout the brand.